At Ultimate Vision Lasik Centre, we have had the good fortune to enable and change the lives of a number of students, professionals and other individuals, through helping them attain clear vision. Our team has always believed in keeping the need of patients above all and we pride ourselves in offering our patients great results. Here are some of the feedback from our patients, describing their experience with us, during and after the procedure.

Patient NamePritesh Harikrishna Patel

Operation Date02 Oct 2015

Before the surgery, I had to wear glasses everyday or opt for contact lenses, which required that I take extra care of my eyes while wearing contact lenses, keeping them clean and clear regularly. It was scary.
But after the surgery, all my worries have perished and am no more scared. I feel great that I no more have to wear glasses or contacts. Life is easier and joyous now.

Patient NameBhavika Himanshu Patel

Operation Date09 Oct 2015

I had faith in the hospital from the very start, thanks to a reference by my brother. My Lasik eye experience has been satisfying, and am happy about getting the procedure done.

Patient NameMansi Deshpande

I have been getting tired of carrying my glasses and contact lenses around, while taking extra care of them, everytime I travel, since I travel a lot for work. I was thinking of getting Lasik done, since past five years as my brother had gone through the same before and was very happy with the procedure. Finally, my mom convinced me to get it done. I was anxious at first as the procedure involves a cut and qroid method, but the doctor, very politely explained me the entire procedure while going through the same and soon I felt comfortable and those ten minutes got over before I knew it.
I have this collection of beautiful frames that I collected on my several trips to China, which am extremely happy to give away now. I could see clearly after the procedure and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get it done. I called up my cousin soon after and suggested her to go for Lasik soon.

Patient NameDR. Biren Patel (Pediatrician)

I got LASIK done on 31st procedure at Jethwa Eye Hospital with its cordial, warm and extremely trained staff was smooth and pleasurable. My post operative recovery was eventless and fast. My vision had been to the scientific mark of 6/6 in both eyes till date. I recommend it to all who are eligible for the LASIK procedure to avail the facility at ULTIMATE VISION LASER CENTRE with its state of art LASIK equipments and expert team. Dec 2010 because I wanted to greet the coming New Year without my glasses. My experience of undergoing the

Patient NameParvinbanu, Tasweer Husain

Operation Date02 Oct 2015

In the beginning I was anxious and nervous to get a laser surgery done. When I approached Ultimate Vision Laser Centre for my pre LASIK checkup, I explained the LASIK procedure in detail. A thorough eye checkup was done and pre operation Instructions were given on the day of the surgery when the final refraction was done. During the operation I did not feel any pain in my eyes, I was talking to my doctor, throughout the procedure. After the operation when my doctor checked my eyes, I could read the letters without glasses and that was the happiest moment for me. I could see without glasses now. The staff members at ultimate vision laser center Anand are very co-operative and Dr. Jethwa is an experienced doctor. I am thankful to Dr. Jethwa for my Lasik Surgery and clear vision.

Patient NameSeema Vohra

Operation Date05 Sep 2016

I am very happy after my Lasik surgery. I do not have to wear glasses and I am not conscious anymore about how I look, but am instead confident when I go out It was nice experience to get the surgery done at the Ultimate vision Lasik Centre. Dr. Jethwa & his team took good care of me throughout the procedure.

Patient NameDivyang V. Patel

Operation Date02 Oct 2015

Before the operation, I had difficulty in reading with glasses & had headache repeatedly. I went through the surgery and was comfortablethroughout the process as the doctor was talking to me as went through every step of the surgery, I felt no pain in my eyes. After the operation, the doctor checked my eyes within half an hour and to my amazement, I could see clearly without glasses. I feel more confident about myself now. I am thankful to all the staff members who took care of me and Dr. Jethwa for my clear vision without glasses.

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